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Chaos is the only true answer.
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Anton the Bear by JaredtheFox92 Anton the Bear :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 2 14
Roleplay: Attack of the Giant Witch
This story is one of your basic medieval dark fantasy and supernatural horror. It primarily involves my character Aurelia as an antagonist witch.

In central Europe, what would be around the Alps mountains in northern Italy there was a cottage situated on the mountainside. Very few people ventured to this small alpine retreat and even fewer would come back to tell the tale. What was known was in that very cottage lived a lady, a maiden by the named of Aurelia. Aurelia was not very known in town south of her abode, but rumor and myth surrounded her very presence. She was believed by many to beith a witch. A sorceress who called upon the very dark forces of nature, as well as an outcast all her life. Nobody wanted to deal with her, everyone was afraid. From her going all over the mountainside at night with very little sleep to the odd aura she had around her as her hair would flow unnaturally and her jade green eyes would glisten into the night. Everyone fe
:iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 1 5
Stellaris Order. by JaredtheFox92 Stellaris Order. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 1 22 New Moebian Republic Galactic Civilization by JaredtheFox92 New Moebian Republic Galactic Civilization :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 2 0 Art Trade: The True Power of the Phantom Ruby. by JaredtheFox92 Art Trade: The True Power of the Phantom Ruby. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 14 17
Jared's Top Ten Characters he wants in Smash Bros.
10.Dr.Caulder from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. The guy died and he was too dark for the series, but man his theme song was cool and he was creepy.
9.Any CO from Black Hole: Yeah, you know? From the old Advance Wars games? What? You don't? I didn't think you would. XD
8.Minda: I vaguely remember her from the Wii, but she was interesting and it would be cool if she eventually comes in.
7.Conkwers: Nintendo would never risk it, but Conkers could be entered in a one shot like Snake.
6.Any of the Paper Mario cast, I loved those guys. They were fun. At least give us a stage where they can be actually a part of the effects Nintendo. :(
5.Waluigi. Here's a simple math problem: Waluigi+silly antics=fun. Make it happen Nintendo.
4.Dr.Eggman: Why not? Pretty much every hero in the game has their evil counterpart in Smash. Let the Doctor get to work on his latest scheme to foil those naive heroes!
3.Petey Piranha: I would like that you can play this guy/girl without he/she being a boss. Clearly Pe
:iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 2 31
Which Sith am I quiz result. by JaredtheFox92 Which Sith am I quiz result. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 1 4 W.I.P: Gay Pride, citywide! by JaredtheFox92 W.I.P: Gay Pride, citywide! :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 8 17 Art Trade: Glacigun the Dragon(ess) by JaredtheFox92 Art Trade: Glacigun the Dragon(ess) :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 4 11
Roleplay: The Last Jotunn
This is a fantasy roleplay taking place in a Germanic/Norse like setting. The plot is that while exploring, hunting, or being lost. Your character stumbles upon my frost giant(ess) character, Helga die Jagerin. What happens between the two of them can vary, however Helga is a supernatural demi-goddess like being and a fierce warrior.
1.This roleplay shall be fantasy based, often in Germanic and Nordic to be more precise.
2.Helga is a 100ft (30) giant(ess), she is also a powerful cryomancer and skilled warrior.
3.Helga is a lesbian, but she doesn't know what that is.
4. Helga is considered a heroine in my Flawed Deities continuity. Thus if you want to be an evil character you can be.
5.Standard roleplaying etiquette applies.
6.Please, do not godmod. Helga herself literally is near god-tier, but she is also balanced.
7.This can be either paragraph or script, also done on Discord or DA's notes.
8.Please, put some effort into this. This is a fantasy story
:iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 1 0
Order of Moebiusballs by JaredtheFox92 Order of Moebiusballs :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 4 36
Roleplay: Airfield Assault (+18)
At the start of the Second Dimensional War, the United Federation was busy fending off Order forces in Eurish and trying to deal with their blitzkrieg. However, now the forces of Order West have launched an aerial assault on GUN's western coast! A vital airfield, one that your character would be assigned at is now under attack by wave after wave of Order aircraft! GUN forces have one objective, get their fighters into the air and to repel all hostiles.
.This will be a CANON roleplay that takes place in the Dimensional Wars  continuity. This attack actually happened.
.This will be a MATURE roleplay, because this is basically a major battle like Pearl Harbor.
.Your character can be either a agent of the Guardian Units of Nations, or a Mobian. I shall be the Western Order forces.
.Death is possible in this roleplay, be warned.
.If you want to try this roleplay, please link me your character and either contact me on Discord, comment below, or note me!
:iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 1 0
Roleplay: Toy Wars (Ask to join)
Your character wakes up only to find they're in a strange land, and by strange that means they're in a giant's bedroom. They also find they have become a plastic toy! Now they also realize something else, there is a war going on in the bedroom by various factions of toys fighting over control of it. Your character must join one of the factions and eventually defeat the boss of the room...the owner of the room's mother.
Joinable sides:
.The Green Army: (the Allies/ good guys)
.The Tan Army (The Axis/ evil guys)
.The Blue Army (the Italians/ spies and double agents.)
Unjoinable sides:
.Bugs and insects
.The Giants
1.This roleplay is inspired by both Toy Story and the old Army Men games.
2.There will be a final boss:
Compared to your character she will be very powerful as she's normal sized to a toy. However, I will try to develop the plot long enoug
:iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 2 4
W.I.P: Kain 2018 by JaredtheFox92 W.I.P: Kain 2018 :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 1 0 Art Trade: You Gonna Get It! by JaredtheFox92 Art Trade: You Gonna Get It! :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 2 8 W.I.P: Aurelia, the First Bradanksa by JaredtheFox92 W.I.P: Aurelia, the First Bradanksa :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 3 41


Warhammer 30k - Death Guard by GetsugaDante Warhammer 30k - Death Guard :icongetsugadante:GetsugaDante 28 0 Edelweiss1 by AK-25 Edelweiss1 :iconak-25:AK-25 14 1 Metroid Samus Aran Super Smash Bros Ultimate by TheGreatDevin Metroid Samus Aran Super Smash Bros Ultimate :iconthegreatdevin:TheGreatDevin 10 0 Karl Franz VS Chaos lord by PpOWERGENE Karl Franz VS Chaos lord :iconppowergene:PpOWERGENE 12 2 Adepta Initiate by Blazbaros Adepta Initiate :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 321 22 A Little Bad Luck Aint So bad by LuckyLadyXandra A Little Bad Luck Aint So bad :iconluckyladyxandra:LuckyLadyXandra 12 26 Horned Owl (Fan Re-design) by Timberwolf8701 Horned Owl (Fan Re-design) :icontimberwolf8701:Timberwolf8701 9 2 Sonic Character Tutorial 3 by IkaritheHedgehog Sonic Character Tutorial 3 :iconikarithehedgehog:IkaritheHedgehog 595 31 Sonic Anatomy: M/F Chart by FOX-POP Sonic Anatomy: M/F Chart :iconfox-pop:FOX-POP 45 5 Sonic Anatomy: Body proportions by FOX-POP Sonic Anatomy: Body proportions :iconfox-pop:FOX-POP 309 24 Art Trade  Big Mama Nancy By Fullautogts by booman1 Art Trade Big Mama Nancy By Fullautogts :iconbooman1:booman1 22 31 Astronaut by toocumbersome Astronaut :icontoocumbersome:toocumbersome 33 15 Autonomous Armor by BlastWaves Autonomous Armor :iconblastwaves:BlastWaves 211 20 Imperator Ix by KelseyRaabe Imperator Ix :iconkelseyraabe:KelseyRaabe 3 0 Xander - commission by cassidythehedgehog1 Xander - commission :iconcassidythehedgehog1:cassidythehedgehog1 18 18 He doesn't say much. by grim1978 He doesn't say much. :icongrim1978:grim1978 20 2


Wow, it's been years since this has happened to me. However, I'm not going to tag anyone back.

1) Grief: What's this crap? >_0

Cyrus: Looks like fanboyism. *Shrugs*


Cyrus: Fall or winter.

Grief: Winter.

Both: No storms!

Cyrus: Spearment

Grief: Juicyfruit


Cyrus: I think people get a little crazy, like a certain person I know. :iconfryplz:

Grief: Teen Titan go sucks! I want a new Transformers show! Bring back Star Wars the Clone Wars! *Goes full fanboy*

5) Cyrus: I don't know, ask the dictator over here. *Points to Grief who is at a podium and wearing an officer's cap on*

Grief: Order and strength! Strength through unity!

6) Cyrus: To make up for my families bad legacy, oh and to become the best chef ever. :3

Grief: To defeat GUN! Destroy the EGG Empire! Kill Scourge, and then make Moebius strong!

7.Cyrus: Nah, the comment section gets annoying.

Grief: *too busy shitposting in the comment section*

8) Cyrus: Are you mocking my powers? 0_<

Grief: I don't know, maybe asking fucking giants is sort of rude or something. *Shrugs*

9) Cyrus: Normally at college when I'm bored in the library.

Grief: *Too busy drawing doodles instead of filling out forms*

10. Cyrus: Yeah, but I sort of grew out of it. Heh, pun not intended.

Grief: *Puts up a new Star Wars poster in his room*


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am Nerd and proud of it! My hobbies include gaming, especially the Metal Gear franchise. I also love to study and work on my homework. I Just want what is best for humanity, and I want to aid it any way possible. I also do my own art sometimes, but I write more efficient then I draw.

DISCLAIMER: All my stories, characters, and scenario's from the various fandoms I'm in are purely NON COMMERCIAL, NON CANNON, FAN WORKS. I encourage the sales, profit, and copyrights of the original scenario's and stories. ALL MY CHARACTERS AND IDEAS ARE NON PROFIT.

I roleplay, (but please keep it clean and acceptable with DA's policy.)
(Because dirty rps are no good.) :iconnogoodplz: DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics :iconrequestsopenplz:

Favorite genre of music: Techno, soothing trance, classical instrumental, Woodwig Von Beatoven and Amadaus Mozzart.
Favourite style of art: All that are "clean"
Favourite cartoon character: Dexster Boy Genius
Personal Quote: Alike minds think Great!

Grief: HEHEHEH Free Cake!!!!
me: Grief the cake is a spy!
Grief: ok, *eats the spy*
me: GRIEF?!?! you juat ate him? What do you have to say?
Grief: *burps* Spy is sapping mah stomach!!!

Trigger warning:

Flag: Georgia by TheStampKing Georgia Deviant Stamp by Ursa-Bear Georgia Peach stamp by Captain-Savvy Atlanta by MaElena

Anti Racism Stamp by Zeiphex Straight Pride stamp by IronPiedmont1996 Yes to Trump (READ DESCRIPTION) by SweetlyCanada heterosexual =/= homophobe stamp by snippii

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creationstamp by TFDs-stamps-r-us Truth vs. Opinion by sakumoon

My writing beliefs:

Proud fanfiction writer by DBTyrana

FLAWS ARE SEXY SHIT by xXxMiZuMiXmIkOxXx I Love Villains Stamp by Drknz1300 Villains Are My Heroes Stamp by dA--bogeyman Grey is not dull by Respeanut

I support writing English by FragileReveries STAMP: Character Research by Sage-Wren Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts FEE FI FO FUM by RoliStamps (I have a lot of these.)

Sphess :iconborealeplz:

Firaeveus Carron lol by Great-5 Firaeveus Carron lol by Great-5 violent art stamp by thechaosproject
Sci-Fi Lover Stamp by DarkHorseArtie89 Tzeentch cultist stamp by Big-Argonian

(I am an anime fan as well, but fantardism is no good :iconnogoodplz: )

:thumb202606590: (Read your history. America did not want to enter WW1&2, Great Britain was courageous during WW2 while resisting the Nazi war machine. Japan was nowhere near innocent during the war, and 56,125,262 died during the war. There should not be an anime about countries in sexual relationships about WW2.)

Stamp - The World by shadowed-light-waves(<-Because we are all human, every last one of us.)

English American Stamp by RJDaae (Despite us being in different governments, having diversity and culture differences, and not being in the EU I feel happy to speak to my European counterparts, Rule, Britannia! )

Straight and support gay rights by Star-chaser97

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