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What is your favorite Warhammer4000 faction? 

3 deviants said Sphess Mahreens! :iconborealeplz: (Me: Fap 2 teh Emprah!) :iconemperorplz: Boreale Color by Zer0Frost
2 deviants said Chaos. :iconeliphasplz: (Me: Chaos is the only true awnser.) Tzeentch Marine by Theclockworkpainter
1 deviant said Tyrinids NIDS by tyrantwache
No deviants said Canon fodder, er I mean the Imperial Guard. :iconcreedplz: Imperial Guard by TheRevoloute
No deviants said Eldar. space elves. Eldar by FonteArt
No deviants said Da Orkz ya gitz! :iconorkplz: ORKZ by flyingdebris
No deviants said Tau Tau fire warrior by FonteArt
No deviants said Necrons Necron by MathiasTemplar
No deviants said Dark Eldar Dark Eldar Wych by The-First-Magelord

1.Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters. 
2. Answer the questions as follows. 3. Tag at least 4 people.

1. Griefan
2. JTF
3. Shard
4. Amanda
5. Gicandice
6. Cyrus
7. Brunia
8. Ivan (Deraj)
9. Cutter
10. Balta
11. Marcus
12. Iceheart
13. Amanda
14. Indwick
15. Candice
(Honestly these are completely random, however their answers are funny as heck.)

1. Would you rather go on a date with 5 (Gicandice) or 12(Iceheart)?

Me: Well I'm straight so I would go with Gicandice.
Gicandice: Yay!
Iceheart: *Sighs* That's a relief
Me: However she isn't my species so...
Gicandice: Aww, fiddlesticks.
Iceheart: Are you implying something creator? >_>

2. A man wearing a thong and boxers on his head comes up to 8 (Ivan) and demands their money.
Me: Well, this happens...
The Most Interesting Fox on Moebius Meme by JaredtheFox92
Ivan(Deraj): Ahem, sorry about the mess creator.

3. 6 (Cyrus) comes home and finds that 2 (JTF) has broken into their house and is stealing their possessions. What happens?

Cyrus: Um that's my daddy...
Jared: Why would I break into my own house? On second though how was I able to lift up my son's giant sized possessions anyway?

4. Would 13 (Amanda) ever have sex with 9 (Marie)?

Amanda: Si, I would be how you say "wanting pirate booty, yes?"
Cutter: Blushes.

5. What would 5 (Gicandice's) and 10 (Balta)'s lovechild look like?
Gicandice: 0_o'
Balta: We are straight da?
Gicandice: Daddy, can Gi-
Ivan: No dear, naturally only females can mate with males.
Balta: A good thing to sir.
Ivan: Indeed.

6. What would 7 (Brunia) never ever admit to the world?

Brunia: Whatever it is I will make sure everyone is dead before they find out. :iconevilgrinplz:

7. Do you think that 1 (Griefan) is sexy/cute?

Grief: Hellz yeah! I'm a stud muffin! *Places this picture of himself below this comment.*
CE: Adult Grief by KimsSpace

Me: No homo :iconvegetaplz:

8. Is 9 (Cutter) or 14 (Indwick) more likely to commit murder?

Cutter: Aye. :iconpirateplz:
Indwick: Murder is not the term I would use, but I would behead anyone who challenges the might of the Swarm.

9. What is the last thing that 15 (Candice) would ever wear?

Candice: Whatever Gicandice wears, she is a fashion disaster.
Gicandice: Hey! :iconfightplz:

10. Why would 15 (Candice) hate 7 (Brunia)?

Candice: She's a murdering homicidal bitch who wants to kill all life on Mobius.
Brunia: *Shrugs* I can't argue with that response.

11. Is 4 (Amanda) a virgin?
Amanda: *Grins* You know what they say, magicians never reveal  secrets.

12. What would 2 (Jared the fox) get 3 (Shard) for their birthday?

Jared: Super Smash Bros 4
Shard: *Has a nerdgasim.*
Jared: We can play each other!
(Nerdy bromance enhanced.)

13. Does 9 (Marie) go to church?

Cuter: Neigh laddy, it be against the pirates code to bring a scallywag like me into a place of worship, however there maybe services on deck.

14. 12 (Iceheart) and 1 Griefan) go scuba diving. What happens?

Grief: *Shivering.* Dad! Popsicle frose me in the pool!
Iceheart: :icontrollfaceplz:

15. Would 6 (Cyrus) survive a zombie apocalypse?

Me: He would cry so much while giant sized that he would flood the planet.

16. Who's taller, 4 (Amanda) or 14 (Indwick)?

Me: Indwick.

17. 5 (Gicandice) and 8 (Ivan) get in a fight. Who surrenders first?

Ivan: I'm not fighting my own daughter....
Gicandice: Gicandice no fight daddy! >_>

Me: Both surrender before it even begins.

18. Does 13 (Amanda) trust 3 (Shard) enough to drive with them during a heavy rainstorm in heavy traffic?

Me: This would be ridiculous. For starters Amanda hates technology and refuses to ride in a vehicle, second Amanda believes in magic and Shard is a scientist.

19. Could 8 (Ivan) ever win a swimsuit competition?

Me: No.

20. What scares 7 (Brunia) more than anything?
Brunia: I still suffer from PSTD from the disaster I had in space. I still remember the cold and lonely blackness of space.

21. How long could you stand to be around 10 (Balta)?

Me: Balta is actually really quiet honestly, however if I were her opponent I wouldn't be standing around for much when she had me in her scope.

22. Your old high school enemy comes up to you on the street and punches you in the face. What would 13 (Amanda) do?
Amanda: Turn bully into snail and crush.

23. What would 2 (Jared the fox) say/do when extremely drunk?

Me: The same thing I would do.

24. Would 1 (Griefan) ever crossdress?

Griefan: No no never! *Remembers when Gicandice forced him to put on a dress.*

Gicandice: Liar liar, pants on fire!

Grief: Shut up!

25. 1 (Griefan), 8 (Ivan), and 14 (Indwick) are playing tug-of-war against 7 (Brunia), 9 (Cutter), and 12 (Indwick). Which side would win?

Me: Grief's side due to his monstrous super strength, however Brunia might try to cheat.

26. 11 (Marcus) and 3 (Shard) are arguing. Who resorts to violence first?

Me: Interesting, I would say Marcus, but then he's pretty mellow. Shard would just make his brain hurt by going on and on about science.

27. Does 9 (Cutter) or 4 (Amanda) have a worse temper?

Me: Cutter, especially when he's drunk.

28. Who would you least want to meet in a dark alley, 14 (Indwick), 11 (Marcus), or 6 (Cyrus)?

Me: All three wouldn't be that bad actually. Indwick would be probably eating garbage,(a delicacy in his country) and he would be against dishonorable attacks that are not one on one duels. Marcus would probably just be chilling around and Cyrus would be lost and wanting to find his parents.

29. If 10 (Balta) got drafted for the army, would they go for it or dodge the draft?

Balta: I'm already in Anti Mobian Army, colonel Baldrova to you comrade.

Me: She is one badass sniper too.

30. What is 15 (Candice)'s worst memory?

Candice: The first time I fought Gicandice,she creeped me out.

31. Why would the government be after 3 (Shard)?

Me: Shard, did you create a another super soldier syrum?

Shard: Sorry creator, it is a force of habit.*Shrugs and embarrassingly.*

32. You run into 2 (Jared the fox) on a busy street? What is the first thing you notice about them?

Me: He looks like a cartoony anthro version of me.

33. Would 11 (Katlin) ever get cosmetic surgery?

Me: No, but once he had to have a bullet pulled out of his ass.

34. Does 5 (Gicandice) love or hate themselves?
Gicandice: Gicandice loves everyone!
Me: *Whispers* Actually she hates not being normal compared to other people.

35. 13 (Amanda) gets hit on by someone of their own gender? Their reaction?

Amanda: *Conjures up her broomstick.* It is being on now!

36. What is 14 (Indwick)'s worst habit or addiction?

Me: He treats his Flyboy minions like they're children.
Indwick: You would too creator if you had to deal with them dancing to the Numa Numa all day when you're not around!

37. What kind of movie would 11 (Marcus) go see?

Marcus: Wicked action movies dude!

38. Does 10 (Balta) still live with their parents?

Balta: Nyet, they're back in Roseania.

39. Does 6 (Cyrus) dance?

Cyrus: I take dancing lessons.
Me: That's not because he is homosexual by the way, seriously I love to dance and so do most of my characters.

40. 3 (Shard), 5 (Gicandice), 12 (Iceheart), and 15 (Candice) are playing poker. Who is the most likely to cheat?

Me: No one really. Shard would try to mathematically deduct his opponents moves, Gicandice would be poking people playing "pokey", Iceheart would be trying to not get bothered by her and Candice would be giving Gicandice the death stare.

41. What would be the main thing standing between 1 (Griefan) and 10 (Balta's)'s love?

Me: Age really.

42. Is 2 (Jared the fox) or 4 (Amanda) more mature?

Me: Amanda, Jared the fox is like me when it comes to immaturity. :icontrollfaceplz:

43. Does 1 Grief) or 8 (Ivan) have a bigger ego?

Me: There isn't a ego in my entire history of creating characters on DA that can even become in the same universe of comparison as Grief's.

44. Would 12 (Iceheart) rather drive a small, environmentally friendly car, or a huge Hummer with bad gas mileage?

Iceheart: A fast and quiet tactical vehicles that maintains a low profile.

45. Does 6 (Cyrus) care about their appearance?

Cyrus: I do! *Gets worried now.*

46. 5 (Gicandice), 7 (Brunia), and 14 (Indwick) go into a haunted house. What happens?

Me: Gicandice cannot fit through the door, Brunia simply debunks everything with science and Indwick is too busy licking the stale blood on the wall.

47. 13 (Amanda) is walking along and gets pulled aside by a prostitute. Do they accept the offer?

Amanda: No, I turn whore into frog!

48. Does 10 (Balta) have or want kids?

Balta: Da, but war must be won first.

49. How will 15 (June-La) probably die?

Candice: Of embarrassment of looking like a fashion disaster.

50. Why was 6 (Vex) picked on at school?

Cyrus: Yes, there was the incident.
Me: His powers acted up when he became mad and he grew giant. Then everything went downhill from there.

51. For what would 11 (Marcus) worship 4 (Amanda)?

Amanda: No, but blue cat can always be around me. *Grins promiscuously.*

52. 3 (Shard) and 15 (Candice) are running against each other for president. Who do you vote for?

Me: Shard, Candice might have the popular vote but at least Shard would know what he's talking about.

53. 1 (Grief), 8 (Ivan), 12 (Iceheart), and 14 (Indwick) gang up on 5 (Gicandce. How long does 5 last?

Me: Unless Gicandice entered some crazy other bizzaro world or they were all possessed by demons this wouldn't ever happen.

54. Who would 11 (Marcis) rather take to the prom, 2 (JTF) or 9 (Cutter)?

Marcus: Ugh, I like chicks dude.

55. Would 7 (Leon) ever wear a leopard-print miniskirt in public?

Brunia: I'm going to kill you for even having the slightest thought of this perverse concept. To even have one instant of suggesting I would bow down to the petty desires of those who seek to see me in a demeaning way is worthy of utter and complete annihilation!

56. Who has a more normal weight, 4 (Amanda) or 10 (Balta)?

Me: Amanda, but only because she's older.

57. Why would 13 (Amanda) be arrested?

Amanda: Profiling against sorceresses. 

58. 3 (Hisspan), 6 (Vex), and 11 (Katlin) go to the movies. What happens?

Hisspan: I would never take my daughter to the movies with her... (looks at Vex)
Vex: I would hunt everyone in the theater...

59. 13 (Amanda) is trying to escape from a burning building, but sees 1 (Griefan) trapped in the corner. Would they try and save 1?

Amanda: Si, mi nepote is mi nepote.
Grief: Why was I trapped in a building in the first place?

60. 15 (Candice) and 8 (Ivam) are exploring an abandoned tomb, when 15 suddenly falls through the floor and barely misses a spike trap.

Ivan: *Lifts up Candice the best he can with his limited telekinisis.* Sorry my dear you are quite heavy...
Candice: Yeah I know.

62. Does 10 (Batla) smoke or drink?

Balta: Sometimes I drink off duty.

63. The house is about to explode, and 9 (Marie) can only save 3 (Hisspan) or 12 (Kiara-Ne). Who do they choose?

Marie: My daughter, Hisspan.

64. Would 11 (Marcus) ever deal drugs?

Me: No, but he sounds like he is toking.
Marcus: Dude....

65. Did 15 (Candice) graduate high school?

Candice: Yes.

66. 7 (Leon) tries cooking a new icky looking dish and invites 4 (Marybeth), 9 (Marie), and 13 (Lady Periwinkle) to dinner. Who eats the dish?

67. Would 3 (Shard) ever pierce their tongue?

Shard: That's revolting and unsanitary. *Vomits into a toilet.*
Me: Shard has the same disgust as I do with wet metal.

68. What if 9 (Marie) annoys 14 (Oceania)?

Oceania: It would be unlikely.
Marie: And if I did, I would apologize straight away.

69. Does 1 (Griefan) or 5 (Gicandice) sleep more?

Me: Gicandice, she takes cat naps.
Gicandice: She needs her beauty sleep.
Grief: Yeah, because you're face is so derpy! *Grief gets bopped on the head soon after.*

70. Who does 15 (June-La) like most out of 2 (Rebar), 8 (Scar), and 12 (Kiara-Ne)? Who do they like the least?

June-La: My Kiara, of course. As for the least: Scar...
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DISCLAIMER: All my stories, characters, and scenario's for "Jared the fox Chronicles" are purely NON COMMERCIAL, NON CANNON, FAN WORKS. I encourage the sales, profit, and copyrights of the original scenario's and stories. ALL MY CHARACTERS AND IDEAS ARE NON PROFIT.

I roleplay, (but please keep it clean and acceptable with DA's policy.)
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Favorite genre of music: Techno, soothing trance, classical instrumental, Woodwig Von Beatoven and Amadaus Mozzart.
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Favourite cartoon character: Dexster Boy Genius
Personal Quote: Alike minds think Great!

Grief: HEHEHEH Free Cake!!!!
me: Grief the cake is a spy!
Grief: ok, *eats the spy*
me: GRIEF?!?! you juat ate him? What do you have to say?
Grief: *burps* Spy is sapping mah stomach!!!

T = Put this
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Put this on your page if you like Tails

Sphess :iconborealeplz:

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Eclipse fan stamp by Sweetcorn-chan
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Nesko [Stamp] by StupidPail I Hate Them Stamp by HomieDion
Sonic FC Stamp by Tenn1502 Shun Shouhei Stamp by XaviertheHedgehog66 Kiara-Ne stamp by ArtySkull Request: Gicandice the cat fan stamp by EmporerXur (<-I can be a fan too you know.)

Personal view(do not flame me all at once.):

I Love Villains Stamp by Drknz1300 Good Guys Stamp by WolvenFlames Villains Are My Heroes Stamp by dA--bogeyman The Dark Side Stamp by Caddielook
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(I am an anime fan as well, but fantardism is no good :iconnogoodplz: )

I Love my Country, Not Hetalia by ajhistoric2 (Read your history. America did not want to enter WW1&2, Great Britain was courageous during WW2 while resisting the Nazi war machine. Japan was nowhere near innocent during the war, and 56,125,262 died during the war. There should not be an anime about countries in sexual relationships about WW2.)

Stamp - The World by shadowed-light-waves(<-Because we are all human, every last one of us.)

English American Stamp by RJDaae (Despite us being in different governments, having diversity and culture differences, and not being in the EU I feel happy to speak to my European counterparts, Rule, Britannia! )

Other fandoms:
Attack on Titan stamp by SolusNox Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Heichou stamp by DorothyBomeraang

Godzilla Victory Dance Stamp by MiniGorbi - Godzilla Stamp - by FelipeChoque I SUPPORT GUNDAM WING by erana

Principality of Zeon Stamp by NeonRemix Mobile Fighter G Gundam stamp by Jakuz-Stampz SHINING FINGER Stamp by Teeter-Echidna

DEXTER'S LAB STAMP by HybridYuki Metal Gear Solid Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Westwood stamp by kjthemighty

Kane Stamp by kjthemighty The Nod Stamp by Adder24

(Request) Anti Vore Stamp by SoraJayhawk77



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