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Chaos is the only true awnser.
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I'm going to try one last time to make peace with :iconnayusiminova:. I do this despite all the harsh things she has said about me on Skype, the video she has made about me, the rants, and her recent use of harsh languages that was uncalled for. I do this for 2 reason; 1.I feel that this petty feuding is only wasting my time and only causing her more mental instability.2. I actually do feel remorse for having to fight her, while I do indeed feel she has wronged me on numerous occasions I feel I may have been a tad to harsh to her. So let's just get this over with shall we?

I am sorry for how I treated you and your boyfriend. While I do feel my motives were justified I do admit I can go a little overboard with my actions. I'm sorry having to cause so much stress and anguish to you by my harshness. I'm sorry that I had to rebuke your boyfriend, while I still think he wasn't trying to help I do admit that I can go a to the extreme. I understand you're bi-polar and I can respect this difference if you expect my difference, such as my problems dealing with empathy. Also I'm sorry for pointing our your boyfriend's spelling errors,  I had a friend with Dyslexia so I understand how hard it is for some people to type. However you must understand that him pointing out that "I don't see the forest for the trees", no matter how correct that actually is, is basically how I felt when you heard about me pointing out his sentence difficulty.
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United States
I am Nerd and proud of it! My hobbies include gaming, especially the Metal Gear franchise. I also love to study and work on my homework. I Just want what is best for humanity, and I want to aid it any way possible. I also do my own art sometimes, but I write more efficient then I draw.

DISCLAIMER: All my stories, characters, and scenario's from the various fandoms I'm in are purely NON COMMERCIAL, NON CANNON, FAN WORKS. I encourage the sales, profit, and copyrights of the original scenario's and stories. ALL MY CHARACTERS AND IDEAS ARE NON PROFIT.

I roleplay, (but please keep it clean and acceptable with DA's policy.)
(Because dirty rps are no good.) :iconnogoodplz: DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics :iconrequestsopenplz:

Favorite genre of music: Techno, soothing trance, classical instrumental, Woodwig Von Beatoven and Amadaus Mozzart.
Favourite style of art: All that are "clean"
Favourite cartoon character: Dexster Boy Genius
Personal Quote: Alike minds think Great!

Grief: HEHEHEH Free Cake!!!!
me: Grief the cake is a spy!
Grief: ok, *eats the spy*
me: GRIEF?!?! you juat ate him? What do you have to say?
Grief: *burps* Spy is sapping mah stomach!!!

Sphess :iconborealeplz:

Chaos Star by Seimei-roo Firaeveus Carron lol by Great-5 Firaeveus Carron lol by Great-5 :thumb181673073: violent art stamp by thechaosproject I Heart Psykers by Seimei-roo
Sci-Fi Lover Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89

Personal view(do not flame me all at once.):

I Love Villains Stamp by Drknz1300 Good Guys Stamp by WolvenFlames Villains Are My Heroes Stamp by dA--bogeyman The Dark Side Stamp by Caddielook
Grey is not dull by Respeanut Againt fur farms stamp by ghostwolfen Hate Groups Stamp by VampsStock Omnivore Stamp by Nestly
Man's Best Friend Stamp by WolvenFlames Anti-porn in the sonic base by Pretty-Paroxysm Why You Should Fantard Stamp by dawnbest Animals Matter to Me Stamp by votrereine :thumb49267509: Clean Roleplay stamp by Mike-the-cat Hetalia is pathetic ::stamp:: by LieutenantKer The Unity Stamp by Bealzabuth Suck Up Stamp by Spikytastic

(I am an anime fan as well, but fantardism is no good :iconnogoodplz: )

I Love my Country, Not Hetalia by ajhistoric2 (Read your history. America did not want to enter WW1&2, Great Britain was courageous during WW2 while resisting the Nazi war machine. Japan was nowhere near innocent during the war, and 56,125,262 died during the war. There should not be an anime about countries in sexual relationships about WW2.)

Stamp - The World by shadowed-light-waves(<-Because we are all human, every last one of us.)

English American Stamp by RJDaae (Despite us being in different governments, having diversity and culture differences, and not being in the EU I feel happy to speak to my European counterparts, Rule, Britannia! )

Other fandoms:
Attack on Titan stamp by SolusNox Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Heichou stamp by DorothyBomeraang

Godzilla Victory Dance Stamp by MiniGorbi - Godzilla Stamp - by FelipeChoque I SUPPORT GUNDAM WING by erana

Principality of Zeon Stamp by NeonRemix Mobile Fighter G Gundam stamp by Jakuz-Stampz SHINING FINGER Stamp by Teeter-Echidna

DEXTER'S LAB STAMP by HybridYuki Metal Gear Solid Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Westwood stamp by kjthemighty

Kane Stamp by kjthemighty The Nod Stamp by Adder24

(Request) Anti Vore Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 FEE FI FO FUM by RoliStamps



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I need points to get commissions with a certain friend of mine. I would like some if anyone can spare a few.

Note: If I do ask for commissioned pictures, they will only be asked by my friends who I think deserve them. People who are nice and have shown generosity already.

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